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Why Be a Certified Nurse Aide?

Meet the needs of a statewide shortage

South Carolina is facing a nursing shortage that threatens the complete care that patients deserve. CNAs fill a vital role in the health care system by working alongside doctors and nurses to provide fundamental, personalized attention for basic needs.

Becoming a CNA suits many career goals

  • High school students seeking medical careers
  • Students in LPN or RN programs
  • People interested in medical care
  • Career-changers looking for an active job
  • Caregivers seeking a full-time position
  • Service-oriented individuals

Job opportunities

Enter the medical field sooner as a CNA. Once you complete our training program, you'll get placement support for job opportunities with competitive pay.

Become a Caregiver

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Advance your career in health care as a CNA.

Use this guide to help plan a rewarding career in health care. See how becoming a CNA can open up your goals for the future.

Level of Education

Program Details

Our program equips new CNAs to make a tangible difference in our communities and in their own lives. We're partnering with training facilities across SC to bring you hands-on CNA training for free.